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Insulating Glass is the product that started our company in 1972. Our insulating glass units are hermetically sealed units combining two or more lites of glass separated by an air space filled with desiccant as a drying agent. All units fabricated by Rochester Insulated Glass are dual sealed units utilizing a PIB primary seal and a silicone secondary seal. We currently offer these seals in both black and gray; robotically sealed in our vertical insulating lines. Insulating glass improves thermal performance and significantly reduces heating and air conditioning costs. Insulating glass also reduces interior condensation in cold climates.


RIG houses several of the most advanced insulating lines in North America. Our lines feature the ability to run commodity as well as oversized glass up to 130" x 240". This machinery also allows us to do all fabrication inline rather than having to do any special hand fabrication to these sealed units. Our lines offer the ability to fabricate double or triple units, shapes, offsets, argon gas filled units, warm edge air spacers as well as several other cutting edge features.


All insulating glass units fabricated at RIG are done to the ASTM E2190 standard.

Utilizing a myriad of different products RIG is able to offer assistance in energy or design performance by utilizing different high performance tints, coatings, silk screens, digital prints, warm edge spacers, gas filling, and many other unique features.

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